About Dan McCay

In addition to being a successful businessman and attorney, Dan McCay is a dad who is passionate about creating a better world for his children.


About Dan McCay

In addition to being a successful businessman and attorney, Dan McCay is a dad who is passionate about creating a better world for his children.

Important Lessons Growing Up:

Dan's mom, Cornelia, raised three sons until Dan was a teenager. She worked multiple jobs and sacrificed to provide for her children. Dan was later adopted by his dad, Frank. From his mom and dad, Dan learned the value of hard work and sacrifice. Later, on the streets of Calcutta and in the orphanages of Mother Theresa, Dan developed a life-changing sense of humanity during his service as an LDS missionary in India. It was there that he first recognized the value of a world-class education and gained a deep appreciation for the liberty and freedom we enjoy in America.


Having seen firsthand the critical role of education in reducing poverty, Dan pursued bachelor's and master’s degrees in education from Utah State University, as well as a law degree from Willamette in Oregon. Through his study of education, Dan developed an even greater respect for those who choose to teach. More importantly, he came to understand the shortfalls of the current system and the limitations of relying on the teacher’s union to support and drive positive change.

Fighting for Change:

In 2002, Dan’s concerns about his children’s future and the country’s lack of fiscal discipline led him to get involved as a volunteer with FreedomWorks, a national organization committed to less government, lower taxes, and more freedom. He has continued that work for nearly a decade. In 2004, Dan worked with FreedomWorks (then Citizens for Sound Economy) to overturn an $800 million  tax increase by the Oregon Legislature (link). In 2010, Dan was appointed as the volunteer State Director for FreedomWorks in Utah. Dan resigned to run for the Utah State House of Representatives.

Professional Life:

Dan is employed by real estate investment company Property Reserve Inc., where he has collaborated with local elected officials on major land holdings in Herriman and Riverton. He played a key role in the construction of the Mountain View Corridor and improving 13400 South. Through his work with private industry and local government, he has seen firsthand how successful economic development works. Small business fuels real economic growth, and Dan will pursue policies that reduce burdens on small business and give local governments more control. Dan’s leadership in this area will bring growth to the Southwest part of Salt Lake County.

In the Utah State Senate, Dan plans to champion initiatives that promote economic growth and development, incentivize education innovation, and reduce uncontrolled entitlement expenses, just as he did in the Utah House of Representatives.

Dan and his wife, Tawnee, live in Riverton and are the parents of six children.



  • Bachelor’s degree in education – Utah State University 
  • Master’s degree in instructional technology – Utah State University 
  • Juris Doctorate – Willamette University 


Civic Involvement

  • Chair Education Appropriations Committee
  • Chair Economic Development Legislative Liaison Committee
  • Chair House Information Technology Committee
  • Chair Judicial Rules Review Committee
  • Former Chair Indigent Defense Committee
  • Former Chair House Revenue and Taxation Committee



  • Taxpayer Advocate of the Year, Utah Taxpayers Association
  • Defender of Liberty, Libertas Institute
  • Champion of Prosperity, Americans for Prosperity
  • Friend of the Taxpayer (95% Lifetime Rating), Utah Taxpayer Association 
  • Business Champion, Utah Business Coalition
  • Small Business Champion, National Federation of Independent Business
  • Endorsed by the National Rifle Association